This is an idea I came up with in August of 2013 for completing the last slot of F2L, plus OLL, in two looks. You should already have the cross and three F2L slots done, and after you do these steps, you will just have to do PLL to finish the cube.

In the first step, you orient the edges while solving the last F2L corner. Note that there are five edges to orient - the four LL edges plus the edge from the slot. There are 65 cases total, but this step can be done intuitively.

  In thee second step, you orient the LL corners while solving the last F2L edge. There are 34 cases total, including the seven OCLL cases where the F2L edge is already solved. All cases can be done 2gen, although the best algorithms will sometimes include other turns.

I need to add a huge thank you to Michael Gottlieb for generating the algorithms for me and walking me through many other steps in this process. Could not have done it without you!